All too often families suffer the painful experience of their trust not working.   Tensions and contentions, fights – maybe strained family holiday dinners…cancelled altogether! Court?!

The Troubled Trustee

Sometimes you see it when your trustee is in over his or her head – or just somehow isn’t doing right by you or the family.

Or maybe you’re the trustee and you’re unsure of how to work around some of these issues. Either way – we’re here to help.

Our Trust Advisory Services

Trustee Coaching

Supporting trustees behind-the-scenes, providing them guidance, answering their questions and helping them execute every aspect of their job.

Trust Advocacy

We support beneficiaries, trustees, and other trust stakeholders with their family trusts through counseling, legal representation or trust mediation.

Trust Mediation

This is a formal one-day mediation dispute resolution process. An independent mediation specialist will be selected for the unique situation.

Trust Interpretation

We translate the trust document into plain English, which serves as an indispensable aid for clarity and consensus on what the trust says.

Get The Advice You Need