As a professional, independent & impartial, non-corporate trustee, we achieve effective results by handling all the moving parts of a Trust in a practical, goal-oriented, and individualized process.

How We Work

  • We help implement the intentions of the trust for family harmony.
  • We clarify the trustee’s interpretation of key parts of the trust.
  • We establish budgets and set up communications systems.
  • We collaborate with the other professional advisors.
  • We work to align the expectations of the family.

Successful Trust Administration

Grantor Foundation

Success starts with understanding the grantor’s vision and legacy, particularly as stated in his trust documents and as reflected in his assets. Deliverables include our written interpretation of the trust in plain English.

Beneficiary Relations

Success continues with beneficiary communications and alignment, especially over how the assets will spend. Deliverables include written Intentions & Goals of what the beneficiary wants from the trust to help best use the grantor’s gifts.

Trust Management

Based upon these fundamentals, we engage in effective project management and asset stewardship. Deliverables include a written Distribution Policy reflecting the grantor’s vision, the beneficiary’s needs, and the wisdom of the trusted advisory team.

Flexibility & Experience In Our Services

Every situation is unique and we have experience and knowledge with many different trustee & fiduciary roles.

  • Trustee  Dan is hired as trustee, whether by the family directly or by the trust protector or by a resigning trustee or by the trustee of the intermediary administrative trust.
  • Co-Trustee – Dan serves along with a family member or institution to share decisions or other trust administration tasks.
  • Insurance Trustee – including for ILIT’s with premium-financed policies.
  • Successor Trustee – Dan serves as backup for the present trustee. The optional Successful Succession Services™ help families save money and be better prepared for the inevitable.
  • Trust Protector and other Fiduciary Roles Dan’s a fit for serving in a variety of fiduciary positions, such as: Holder of the power of attorney for property; Trust protector, including Living Trust Protector; Distribution trust advisor and other directed fiduciaries.
  • Transitional Trustee  If the ideal or long-term fiduciary solution has not yet been found, Dan serves as interim fiduciary — and can help in the search and training.
  • Special Needs Trust Administrator  Dan protects the more vulnerable with customized attention to setting up and administering their trusts.
  • Charitable Trustee  Often CRT’s and other charitable trusts can use Dan’s independent, impartial administration to better manage the natural tension between the family and the charity.
  • Trustee for Special Assets – Whether it’s the shares of the family business, art, collectibles or other unique assets, Dan’s expertise in process and collaboration provides the foundation for successful administration.
  • Trust Field Testing Learned planners provide a fine trust design, but will it fly given the unique field conditions for your family? Dan runs the test while you’re still around to tweak the trust.

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