We serve as Successor Trustee and holder of the Power of Attorney for Property. We provide an experienced independent solution. Using a trust protector to back us up, we’re your backstop for completing estate documents and making sure you are well taken care of.

What We Do

Dove-tailing with your estate plan, our Successful Succession™ services provide valuable options for you. Designed to help you and your family achieve a smooth transition and increase your confidence that your documents will be carried out as intended.

Our à la Carte Options

Trust Personnel Inventory

Contents Inventory

Trust Needs Alignment

Trust Interpretation

Annual Meetings

Trust Field-Testing

We guarantee that engaging in these a la carte options will save you money, and will likely result in a smoother transition for you and your family. And we’re OK if you prefer to pass on these options, and want us to simply stand by until the inevitable.

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