Benefits of Collaborating with Dan

  • Dan can serve as a “place holder” -- or as a permanent replacement -- to remove the ex from your clients’ estate documents immediately! During contested divorces, replacing your clients’ ex can help emotionally as well as practically.
  • Experienced administrator of 503(g) and alimony trusts, Dan can help you conceive and create it, as well as administer it.
  • Dan offers a personal and personable alternative to a corporate trustee who may not have the bandwidth to connect deeply with the family to ensure its success.
  • Dan is an excellent collaborator, keeping you and the family in the loop.
  • No conflicts: the only hat Dan wears is trustee (other than an occasional Cub’s hat). He’s not making investment recommendations or doing the legal work.
  • Dan works for family alignment - from values and goals to managing expectations.


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