Why you need a professional to help you get prepared?

  • Having your family & successors figure it all out at the time of need too often results in costly delays and needless pain. With Dan’s unique preparedness plan, your team hits the ground running when you need them to.
  • Most people know some pieces of what they need to do, but they don’t do it. Dan’s preparedness service gets it done!
  • Many tasks that can save time, money and heartache later are not obvious. Dan’s insights from years of helping families will reveal important options.
  • Your family and successor may not understand your intentions and their roles. Dan makes sure your team knows what they need to do.
  • Not addressing the devilish details colors your legacy. Dan helps you demonstrate your love, respect, and care for your family by making it easier to settle your affairs once you are gone.

Why work with Dan?


Many loved ones feel disappointment and frustration from surprises your documents inadvertently sprung. Dan’s advance work ensures they shed tears for you and not the state of your estate.


The real business of some trustees is to settle family scores, for others it’s their core offering of investments. For Dan it's how does the trust make life better for you and your family.


Dan helps you coordinate with your family and your professional team in advance to enhance buy-in, alignment & collaboration, and reduce onboarding friction.


Dan helps you to inventory your accounts and possessions to avoid a costly and time-consuming hunt for your assets when you’re no longer there to find and explain them.


Dan ensures that your successor and the rest of your team knows what needs to be done and are able & willing to do it, avoiding the pain, delays, and cost of a trust mis-fit.

of Prevention

Dan provides a customized “To Do” list revealing shortcuts to accomplish your goals. He shines a preemptive light on potential trouble spots, so they can be resolved now with your guidance.


If you want to be prepared and avoid burdening you and your family with extra delay, expenses and heartache, Dan and his preparedness program may be the fit for you.

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