Here we explore a short list of the typical dualities faced by a Trustee in Trust Administration.

1. Stewarding Assets:

     a. Reap AND Sow.

     b. Tending To Both Current AND Future Needs.

2. Communications: Discretion/Security AND Transparency.

3. Trustee Loyalty:

     a. To Himself AND To The Family.

     b. To The Family AND To His Ideals.

     c. To Each Individual Beneficiary AND To The Whole Family.

     d. To The Trust Creator AND To The Beneficiary.

4. General Administration:

     a. Plan AND Execute.

     b. Intention AND Impact.

     c. Task AND Relationship.

     d. Excellence AND Learning From Mistakes.

     e. Being Meticulous AND Remaining Mindful Of The Big Picture.

     f. Being Present AND Being Aware Of The Past And The Future.

     g. Setting Boundaries & Limits AND Being Responsive & Available.

5. Structure AND Culture:

     a. Tradition AND Change.

     b. Tradition AND Freedom.

     c. Stability AND Creativity.

     d. Closed AND Open.

     e. Appreciation AND Improvement Or Repair.

     f. Past AND Present.