Daniel P. Felix advises & counsels families and their trustees about trust administration — and in the right situation, Dan serves as trustee.

Dan is a licensed Illinois attorney using his legal and other essential skills to help families navigate the rough waters of disability and death. In this unique expertise, Dan works closely with each family’s estate & financial planners as well as their other advisors.

Successor Trustee Dan Felix

Insured and, on a project basis, bonded, Dan has two employees and a roster of sub-contractors he uses as needed to provide professional continuity as well as efficient support. While serving as fiduciary, Dan recommends the use of a trust protector to provide institutional continuity in the event of his own inability to further serve.

Dan typically works on hourly or flat fees. He does not accept or offer referral fees, commissions or any other compensation. As an independent trustee, Dan wrote and believes in the Bill of Trust Beneficiary Rights.

Mission & Values

As trustee, I assume the highest responsibility to apply the trust document and law of trust administration to support the beneficiaries.

My intention is to provide a personalized approach tailored specifically to those people involved with each trust.

This personalized approach is informed by my professional values:

  • Pursuit of excellence & well-calculated risks.
  • Honoring relationships & spiritual as well as the legal & the financial legacy.
  • Collaboration & simplicity.

These principles and beliefs guide my work:

  • Prudently transparent trust administration.
  • Empowerment of primary beneficiary.
  • Preparation of contingent beneficiaries.
  • Encouragement of the legacy and achievement of the grantor, and of the family.
  • Values-based management.
  • Efficient use of resources.
  • Open communications.

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