The Professional Trustee

Helping you navigate the choppy waters of trusts, so you and your family enjoy smooth sailing.

The Professional Trustee creates trust administration around you and your family based on the special needs and size of your family and estate. We have no minimum estate size in order to qualify for personalized service, and no systems that you have to fit into. Instead, we create a unique constellation of systems and services that you need and want.

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I need help with an existing family trust problem.

I need a trustee now for an existing trust.

I need a successor trustee or power of attorney for property.

Our Difference

Appropriate Balance

All too often professional trustees put their own risk aversion ahead of what your family needs.

In contrast, we manifest the fiduciary philosophy of putting you and your family first.

Though others can’t stand the heat in the kitchen,  we roll up our sleeves when we have to in order to protect you and your family.

No Conflicts Of Interest

Some corporate trustees are in the business of money and investment management. Some charge trust clients retail prices for ancillary financial services, in effect making profits on both sides of every transaction.

Our compensation comes solely from serving as trustee. No commissions, no kick backs, no incentives to make or not make distributions. We focus on what the trust document says and what your family needs. Period.

The Power of Professional Compassion

We work best in an atmosphere of trust – and our client families prefer that. We employ active systems to create and sustain mutual respect and trust.

While other trustees may rely on authority and power-based relationships, we come from a place of compassion.

Works with Family Dynamics

Experts say that 80% of money decisions are emotional and we incorporate the science of human development, neuroscience, appreciative inquiry, NLP, and polarity management, as well as ancient teachings into how we work.

While we can’t make up for a challenged up-bringing, our high emotional intelligence helps move the family forward in a healthy and positive direction.

Value-Based Fees

Too many trustees charge based on how much money you have, instead of how much service you consume or even what value was provided to your family!

Our fees take you into account, not your investment account.   We look at factors such as how much value we provide, how much of our time and resources you need, the complexity of the situation, among others to quote you an appropriate fee.

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